Anger Management

Living with the pressures of modern day life can put enormous stress on our relationships, family and work. The result is we live more stressful lives and increasingly witness and experience greater levels of irritation, frustration, and anger.


Anger is a response to a perceived threat; it is a natural response and is necessary for our survival. Anger itself is not the problem; the problem for most people is the inappropriate expression of their anger and the damage this causes in their own lives and those around them. When our anger stops being a healthy response, it can intensify and spread to anything that gets in the way.


Making positive changes through Anger Management:


It can be really hard to identify and acknowledge that we have a problem expressing our anger. Even when we can see the issue, making that first step to getting support can be even harder. We are often aware of those around us that are suffering from or being subjected to excessive anger. The anger management programme will provide the opportunity for you to understand how anger plays a part in your life. You will be supported in finding healthy ways to control, express and manage anger, empowering you to transform the quality of your life and your interactions with others.


Who would benefit from this programme?


  • Anyone whose anger is affecting relationships at home or at work
  • Anyone who knows or who works with people who have stress or anger issues
  • Anyone interested in exploring and understanding their own anger
  • Individuals who want to discover the tools necessary to manage their anger safely and effectively
  • Anyone who is hurting themselves or others with their anger
  • People who have problems expressing their anger appropriately or who struggle to be assertive
  • Parents who are having difficulty dealing with their children's anger


How will Anger Management help?


  • Through the One-to-One Anger Management Programme we will explore:
  • The three main elements of Anger Management
  • What triggers your own anger
  • Why stress fuels your anger
  • Identifying your own and other people’s anger styles
  • How to express your anger in a clean, clear and healthy way
  • Your individual pattern to better understand yourself
  • How negative emotional cycles work and how to change them
  • Effective coping and calming strategies


If you want to know more, why not schedule a 15 minute taster call with Joshua on 07564026701.


One day Anger Management programme (10.00am - 5.00pm) £97.00

One-to-one Anger Management programme (6 sessions) £240.00


Both options will include:

  • Extra support using the Citizen Anger Management workbook
  • Online resources and a DVD (Cost is usually £67 to purchase separately online)
  • More about Anger Management

    More and more people are expressing an interest in Anger Management courses than ever before.


    The Boiling Point report produced by the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) in 2008 is based on a sample of almost 2000 people all over the country. This report found that more than 1 in 4 people worry about how angry they sometimes feel, 1 in 3 people say that they have a close friend or family member who has difficulty controlling their anger, and 1 in 5 say that they have ended a relationship or friendship because of how the other person behaved when they were angry. This makes anger a very common issue.


    It is difficult to admit that your anger causes you problems, and if you do find the courage to admit it, it can very difficult to find help. More than half the people surveyed (58%) in the MHF report stated that they would not know where to go for help. Only 13% of those who did acknowledge their anger problems had looked for help, and they had tended to approach health-care professionals as the first step.


    (All general statistics are taken from Boiling Point, the Mental Health Foundation’s report, published in 2008, on problem anger in UK and the resources available for addressing it.)

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