About Us

Donna Breed

Prior to training in counselling and psychotherapy, I studied law and spent many years working in the corporate environment. I knew my career was heading in a direction which conflicted with my passion to work with and help others. It was at this point of my life I decided to train in counselling and psychotherapy.

Through embarking on a journey of self discovery; I found counselling and psychotherapy enhanced my awareness and taught me a lot about who I was emotionally and psychologically.  Furthermore, I have come to realise that these changes have come about through relational experiences.  

Whether through experiences with family, friends or colleagues; I believe every interaction has shaped my psychological being either positively or negatively.  This knowledge forms my basic personal belief in that the self is formed, and therefore can be healed, in relationship. 

I have worked with young people and adults across various charitable organisations within the East Midlands area.  In particular I have worked with trauma survivors and specialise in supporting victims of rape.

Through providing a safe and confidential space; I support my clients in working through their issues.  With every client I aim to promote empowerment, so that they may be self –directive and make their own choices for positive change.

I value the experience of rewarding relationships and endeavour to help others reach their potential and toward a more fulfilling life.

Joshua Chandler

As far back as I can remember I have always enjoyed working with people. 

Before I was a counsellor I worked within the health and social care profession supporting children and adults with disabilities and learning difficulties.  I went on to train as a Social Worker gaining good experience with various services in South Wales.

My interest in people grew and I eventually undertook the life changing experience to study counselling and psychotherapy.  This was an incredible opportunity that enhanced my self-awareness, challenged my way of thinking and altered the way I viewed myself.

Since then I have worked for various charitable organisations within the East Midlands area providing counselling for both adults and young people. I am currently applying for Accreditation with the BACP. 

I love my work and never cease to be amazed at the strength, compassion, humility and capacity for positive change.

My approach as a therapist is Humanistic and Integrative. This draws upon theories and skills that are best suited to each client’s needs by recognising every individual as unique.

I aim to provide new awareness for my clients and encourage your potential for growth and change. 

I recognise and value the positive experience when I feel acknowledged, understood, and accepted by the other in relationship. Therefore my intent is to welcome you into a safe and secure relationship whereby you can be supported in exploring the issues which matter.