Our Process

We aim to help you grow and develop, to realise your potential, and live a more fulfilling life with yourself and the relationships you engage in…

Our Philosophy

We hold an optimistic view of people as autonomous, self-determining individuals with the potential to grow, change and develop.  This core belief is the driving force behind our approach to counselling.

We value the need to make sense of our existence and find meaning for our lives; everyone is unique and one person’s truth is likely to differ from someone else’s.

We believe that people develop through nourishing relationships. Depending on our relational experiences we may develop different ways of relating in the world.

Our Values

We are proud and passionate about the service we provide…

  • Autonomy: We believe everyone has the right to make their own decisions and be self-governing.
  • Responsibility for Self: In having free-will we value our existence and take responsibility for ourselves.
  • Self-Care: To ensure a consistent, high level of service we are committed to personal and professional development, regular supervision, and life-enhancing experiences.
  • Promoting Well-Being: We endeavour to act in the best interests of our client’s physical, emotional and psychological health throughout the counselling process.
  • Trust and Respect: We believe the counselling relationship is built on mutual regard for the other.
  • Equality: Within the therapeutic relationship we strive to treat everyone equally whilst respecting individuality.