Couples therapy (also known as relationship counselling, couples counselling or marriage counselling), involves talking through and addressing the issues experienced in your relationship with a trained professional. These difficulties may include intimacy problems, trust issues, communication breakdown, power imbalances, abusive behaviours, money struggles, or child and parenting problems. As we are all different, it is inevitable that difficulties will occur in our relationships. It is when these difficulties become overwhelming and unmanageable then it may be time to consider counselling for couples.

It is important we feel happy, safe, secure, appreciated, respected and equal in your relationship. However, when external factors such as working long days, caring for others, or a major life event such as a bereavement or redundancy occurs, it is understandable your relationship may be tested. Left unchecked, these added stresses can lead to a huge imbalance in the relationship. This can build over time and lead to feelings of resentment, frequent criticism, distance and dissatisfaction in your relationship.

Couples therapy is an effective way to work through and overcome issues you are experiencing within your relationship. In this safe environment, you can begin to explore relationship problems, better understand yourself and your partner, improve the quality of communication, and deal with conflict more effectively when it emerges.