In line with my core training in counselling and psychotherapy, I work as a Humanistic and Integrative supervisor. Within this model I actively encourage the development of a supervisee’s knowledge, confidence, competence and creativity and to apply their skills in the professional setting. I do this by providing a safe, supportive and validating space whereby the quality of the supervisory relationship can develop.

I believe clinical supervision should be appropriate to your needs, and therefore tailored to where you are on your journey as a therapist. There are many areas of your clinical work that will be explored and supported such as: your on-going client work and caseload management; contracting; interventions and reflections on practice; development of your clinical and observational skills; initial assessment; risk assessment, as well as your own goals and strategies for professional growth and development.

As well as holding the Humanistic stance that clients and therapists can find their own answers given the right conditions, I also emphasise the importance of offering insights based on self-psychology, attachment theory, neuroscience, child development theory and endeavour to make sense of unconscious processes. It is inevitable that this will occur within the therapeutic work and so I will be exploring parallel processes, projections, transference and countertransference as part of the supervisee-supervisor and client-therapist relationship. 

I work collaboratively with my supervisees so that they can begin to develop their own internal supervisor and critical thinking. It is my intention to support and guide you as well as challenge you in a way that is productive and beneficial to you and your clients. In this space, you will be encouraged to ask questions, challenge views, express your thoughts and fears, evaluate boundaries, and take responsibility for the integrity of the profession. Whilst supervision is mandatory as part of ensuring safe and ethical practice, it is also a gift of self-care that provides us with encouragement and inspiration during the more challenging times.

I work with both qualified and trainee therapists.


I have been fortunate enough to have Josh as my Supervisor for the last two years. I chose Josh because I knew the training he had done was thorough and he has proved to be a brilliant Supervisor. Josh is experienced, ethical, inspiring and most importantly for me, he is authentic in his approach. I would (and regularly do) recommend Josh as both a Counsellor and Supervisor.



Counsellor & Psychotherapist